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Maintaining a Scorpyd Crossbow

Maintaining your Scorpyd crossbow is very straight forward. We recommend Scorpion Venom lubrication products to keep your strings and cables in their best possible shape. Occasionally apply lubricant to the center serving on the bow string, and on the cables near the cable slide. Use of rail lube is not required on Scorpyd crossbows, so long as you use lube on the center serving. Do not over-lubricate, a little goes a long ways. We set the timing of the cables, and under normal use, the cables will not need to be adjusted.

If your crossbow gets wet from precipitation or condensation, dry it as soon as you can. The MIM trigger components are steel, and they can rust. Many people do not realize what can happen to guns, bows, and crossbows just from bringing them inside the home after a long day out hunting in the cold. Even outside temperatures in the 50′s can lead to condensation on your weapon if brought into a 70 degree room. If you notice that your trigger is not as smooth as it use to be, this is most likely the cause. Cycling the trigger assembly several times can help the situation, but more than likely , you will need to send us the bow to re-polish the seer surfaces. Please see the video for maintaining your crossbow for more details.

ALL repair work must be done by an authorized Scorpyd dealer, or by Scorpyd Crossbows. Any unauthorized work on the crossbow may void the warranty. Any modification to the crossbow will void the warranty.