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Selecting the Right Scorpyd Crossbow

When selecting the right crossbow, you must ask yourself the following questions: Q. What is my primary use for this crossbow, hunting, target, or both? A. If you are primarily a target shooter, The VTEC platform will be a better choice. Just like … [Read more]

Accessorizing a Scorpyd Crossbow

Accessorizing your Scorpyd is as simple or complex as your wishes. You may opt for the most basic accessories, or go all out and have the ultimate crossbow package! Optics Scorpyd owners are using all types and brands of scopes. Some opt for the … [Read more]

Operating a Scorpyd Crossbow

All Scorpyd Crossbows come with a printed manual and a dvd. You can also find segments of the dvd on how to use you crossbow on Youtube. Please pay strict attention to all safety precautions, and if you do not understand how to use your crossbow, DO … [Read more]

Transporting a Scorpyd Crossbow

How you legally transport your Scorpyd crossbow is governed differently in nearly every state, so check your regulations. Most states require that crossbows be transported in a closed case, in the uncocked position. Scorpyd requires that your … [Read more]

Sighting in a Scorpyd Crossbow

Sighting in your new Scorpyd Crossbow is very easy to do, so long as the correct procedure is followed. It is best to use a bench rest or a gun vise, as these will quicken the procedure. If a bench or rest is not available to you, make sure that you … [Read more]

Maintaining a Scorpyd Crossbow

Maintaining your Scorpyd crossbow is very straight forward. We recommend Scorpion Venom lubrication products to keep your strings and cables in their best possible shape. Occasionally apply lubricant to the center serving on the bow string, and on … [Read more]